16-day Medellin, Colombia Full Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Medellin

  • Arrive at Medellin Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) in Colombia and be ready to begin your adventure.
  • A private driver will pick you up from the airport, so you can arrive anytime.
  • Our accommodations are around a 35-minute drive from the airport.
  • Check-in to your apartment is at 2:00 p.m local time.
Saturday Evening
  • Meet at 5:00 p.m local time for our orientation meeting.
  • Transportation to dinners in Medellin is not included, but most of our dinners will be just a 5 USD Uber ride from our accommodations that you can split with other group members. 
  • Enjoy a delicious dinner in Medellin and get to know your group. 
  • Stock up on a few essential items at the supermarket to make breakfast tomorrow morning. 

That evening, take an included city tour on a Chiva Rumba party bus to see Medellin at night, including Provenza, Avenida El Poblado, and the Golden Mile.

Day 2: Explore Medellin 

Sunday Morning
  • Make breakfast at your apartment or wander out for a Sunday brunch.
  • Meet your Community Manager late morning for a neighborhood orientation walk to find a pharmacy, supermarket, cell phone service provider, bank, and other essentials.
  • Stop at an ATM and pick up any cash (Colombian Pesos) you need.

Sunday Afternoon

  • Have lunch with a new friend or two in Medellin.
  • Explore Medellin on your own.

Sunday Evening

  • Sunday dinners are on your own, so feel free to cook for yourself, grab a bite out, or order in. Rest up, as co-working starts tomorrow.

Day 3: Co-working Begins

Monday Morning
  • Co-working begins downstairs in your apartment building. You will have 24/7 access to the indoor/outdoor co-working space.

Monday Afternoon

  • Enjoy lunch at a local cafe, or use one of Medellin’s delivery apps to deliver quality food to your apartment.

Monday Evening

  • Feel free to stay on track with your workout routine, as there is a well-equipped gym in your apartment building with machines, free weights, and cardio equipment. 
  • Explore local yoga studios, group fitness classes, or local parks.
  • After work, go out with your co-workers for happy hour if the mood strikes. 
  • Go out with your new friends for dinner, or enjoy a home-cooked meal.

Day 5: Humpday Dinners

Wednesday Morning
  • Settle into your hotdesk at the co-working space after you grab a cup of Colombian coffee and a pastry from the cafe in your apartment building.

Wednesday Afternoon

  • Bring your laptop to a local coffee shop to change your work rhythm. 
  • Take a break for lunch or bring your computer and have a working lunch at a cafe nearby your apartment.

Wednesday Evening

  • We’ll meet as a group on Wednesdays for an included dinner near your apartment to break up the work week.

Day 8: Guatepé Day Trip

Saturday Morning

  • Depart your apartment early for one of the best day trips outside Medellin to a small town called Guatapé.
  • Stop at La Piedra del Peñol and climb the 700 steps to the top of this Andean peak for amazing views of Laguna Guatapé. 
  • The only way up El Peñol is via the stairs. Take your time and go as high as you’d like… the views just keep improving. There is only one way up and one way down, so it is impossible to get lost.

Saturday Afternoon

  • Go out for lunch at a local restaurant in Guatapé. Try local dishes like mondongo, bandeja paisa, or one of the many Colombian soups. 
  • Stroll through the traditional town of Guatapé and see the famous zocalos, colorful art on the sides of each building that depict local history.
  • Head out onto Laguna Guatapé on an included one-hour boat ride.
  • Take included transportation back to your apartment in Medellin (approximately 2 hours).
  • Have dinner at a local restaurant in Medellin.

Day 9: Sunday Fundays

Sunday Morning

  • Sleep in and enjoy your Sunday. Remember that many places are closed on Sundays in Latin America, but malls, most restaurants, and tourist attractions will remain open.

Sunday Afternoon

  • We’ve left Sundays wide open to allow you time to rest, relax, and explore Colombia on your own.
  • Some of Medellin’s top things to explore are Parque Arví, Jardin Botanico Botanical Garden, Museo de Arte Moderno, Museo de Antioquia, Parque Explora, and Pueblito Paisa.
  • Great day adventure activities from Medellin include zip lining, the famous hanging hammocks, coffee and chocolate farm tours, ATV tours, and paragliding. 
  • Dive deep into nature at Parque Ecológico El Salado and various waterfalls like Chorro de Las Campanas, El Tequendamita, and Cascada Salto Del Buey. 
  • Why not hop on a cheap flight to Cartagena or Santa Marta and take Monday and Tuesday off? 

Sunday Evening

  • Prepare dinner at home, go out with your digial nomad friends, or order through Medellin’s delivery apps. Food and delivery fees in Colombia are incredibly affordable.

Day 10-14: Co-working & Optional Adventures


  • If you choose to prepare meals at home, your mini-fridge and two-burner stove in the suite-style apartment will work perfectly.
  • Stay hopped up on Colombian coffee. The cafe in your co-working space has a multitude of Colombian coffees to try in various preparation methods, including drip, french press, pour-over, Chemex, siphon, and Aeropress. 


  • Continue to thrive professionally from Colombia. If you work regular hours in the United States, the time difference from Colombia should be easy to adapt to.
  • There are several lunch options near the co-working space. You can also order delivery or take the elevator up to your apartment to prepare lunch yourself. 


  • Enjoy life in Colombia with your fellow digital nomad group mates. Shopping is affordable in Medellin, and something is always happening around town. Your Community Manager will keep you posted about local events.

Day 15: Comuna 13 Tour

Saturday Morning

  • Ride the Medellin subway system with your group to meet your tour guide before entering Comuna 13. 
  • The people of Medellin are incredibly proud of how safe and clean their metro system is.
  • Meet outside Comuna 13 for an introduction to how one of Colombia’s most violent neighborhoods became an incredible example of transformation.
  • There is no theft risk within Comuna 13, so be sure to bring your camera. 
  • Learn about history, culture, and see graffiti street art, listen to hip-hop music, and see breakdancing in Comuna 13. 

Saturday Afternoon

  • Ride the Americas’ only neighborhood escalators through Comuna 13.
  • Have lunch on your own in a restaurant inside Comuna 13 and enjoy a beer with a view overlooking Medellin. 
  • Shop for souvenirs, art, or artisan crafts to support the enterprising local people.

Saturday Evening

  • Closeout two weeks of co-working with and included dinner and a night on the town.
  • Hit the town to explore Medellin’s fantastic nightlife in Provenza.  
  • Find a bar or nightclub that plays music you enjoy ranging from salsa to tango to reggaeton, pop, or hip-hop.

Day 16: Adios Colombia 

Sunday and Monday 

  • Arrange airport transportation with your Community Manager from your apartment back to Medellin Jose Maria Cordova International Airport (MDE) any time of the day.
  • Check-out from your accommodations is officially on Day 16 at 11 a.m.
  • We’ve left departure times flexible so you can find the best flight possible.

Consider extending your trip.

  • There are many other notable areas of Colombia to explore, including Cartagena, Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cali, and Bogota. 
  • Keep an eye out for the Under30Experiences Colombia trip!

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