Group Travel for Remote Workers.
Bring your laptop.
see the world.

Digital Nomad Trips

Group travel for remote workers.
Bring your laptop.
see the world.

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Costa Rica


France + Spain

REMOTE WORK Experiences 

Co-work with our community around the world

2-4 Week co-working Adventures
How it works

Digital Nomad Trips brings young professionals to work remotely in exotic locations across the world.

You show up to a place like Costa Rica, Spain, or Portugal and meet your group of up to 18 co-workers.

Work for your employer during the week, and  explore with us after work and on the weekends.

We provide a "soft landing" that includes accommodations, a few meals per week, activities, and a built in community of awesome people to hang out with!

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The remote work boom is here, and our community is here for it.

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About US

In 2008, Co-founders Jared O'Toole & Matt Wilson started the popular media site

In 2012, they founded Under30Experiences which was named the Fastest Growing Travel Company by Inc. Magazine.

Now Digital Nomad Trips brings remote workers on month-long co-working trips around the world.