Digital Nomad Trips reimagined work-life balance in a way never before possible.

Join our community of young professionals who want to see the world while still keeping their day job!

Welcome to the Digital Nomad Trips Community! 
How Digital Nomad Trips Work...

If you work remotely and are looking to see the world, then Digital Nomad Trips are for you.

Simply book your trip, and bring your laptop. We take care of the rest...

Fly in on the weekend and our local community manager picks you up at the airport with your group. We get you acclimated in your new town or city, so you are ready to work on Monday.

Digital Nomad Trips include accommodations, access to a local co-working space, several group meals per week, and adventure activities on the weekend.

When you aren't working from your laptop, go with group members to explore the area, hike, enjoy sunsets, and indulge in local cuisine.

Think of our community as your soft landing into a new destination, so you can be productive and have as much fun as possible.

By the end of the trip we hope you consider yourself a "local" where your trip runs, understand the culture, and experience everything a region has to offer.

The Community Extends Beyond Your Trip...

Our community of remote workers is full of young professionals who want to see the world.

After your Digital Nomad Trip, you'll be invited join our Slack group to where you'll find a valuable network of like-minded individuals working remotely around the world...

Our online community is the place to discuss travel tips for remote work, co-working, and co-living. Meet and collaborate with members in your home city, or a city that you wish to visit!

Whether you work a corporate job, are a freelancer, entrepreneur, creative, startup employee, or distance learning student, our community understands your desire to live the "laptop lifestyle."

Think of our tribe as your resource to go from lonely remote worker, to professional adventurer!